Bead Embroidery Jewelry & BeadingWith Cabochons

What do you do when you love cutting and polishing cabochons AND bead stitching? Bead Embroidery, of course!

Bead Embroidery

Bead embroidery is done with a needle and thread to enhance a cabochon or focal element by stitching beads onto fabric or other backing material. Bead embroidery doesn’t create the structure as in bead stitching, where beads are stitched together, but allows creative decoration by using beads to encase or bezel cabochons, focal beads, and other focal elements. Bead embroidery can also be used to create interesting patterns and textures by using different types and sizes of beads.

Your imagination and creativity are the only limitations to what you can do with bead embroidery. Make pendants, bracelets, neckpieces, hairbands, pins and more using seed beads of any type including bugel beads, triangle beads, SuperDuos, magatamas – you name it – you can bead it with bead embroidery! There are a few basic stitches to learn and a bit of trial and error, but with a little practice you’ll be creating fabulous pieces of art in no time!

Browse the Bead Embroidery samples in my Portfolio to see just a few of the possibilities!

Cabochons for Bead Embroidery

Are you looking for cabochons for bead embroidery? I have many cabochons cut and available for purchase, as well as lots of slabs that can be custom cut. Contact me for details!

Grouping of purple bead embroidered jewelry pieces: a large cuff, and two pendants on a beautiful piece of Amethyst geode
Wide bead embroidered cuff with lapis lazuli focal stone

bead embroidery cuffs

Bead embroidery can be done around cabochons, and can also be done on an armature, or form, like the cuffs in this photo. You’ll need glass seed beads in many colors, sizes, and shapes to make a statement piece like this!

Making a beaded bezel

Gathering supplies

Stone cabochon on backing with items needed for beadweaving: needles, beads, thread, and scissors.
Getting started
Stone cabochon with the first few rows of a peyote stitch bezel.
Almost ready to wear!
Stone cabochon with several layers of beadingg creating a bezel and bail in green and pink.