Stone Cabochon Jewelry

There’s so much to learn in the field of lapidary and stone cabochon jewelry making! After doing lots of research, and watching lots of YouTube videos, I was ready to try it myself. My first stone cabochon actually turned out pretty well, and since then I’ve been practicing to improve my skills and develop more complex processes to create truly unique designs.
Making cabochon jewelry was my goal, but learning to cut a stone cabochon was only the beginning. Making a beautifully cut cabochon into a piece of jewelry that can be worn requires metalsmithing skills. Metalsmithing is another area requiring lots of practice, but I wanted to be able to wear the cabochons I was making, so I jumped right in!

Semi-precious stone jewelry making has become my passion and has allowed me to expand my skill set beyond what I thought was possible.

Shiny round and oval cabochons in all sorts of colors

What is a Cabochon?

A cabochon is a gemstone that has been shaped and polished, as opposed to faceted. They usually have a domed top and flat bottom, which makes them great for making jewelry.

Cabochon Jewelry

Marking out the shapes

Image with shapes marked on slabs of stone to be cut into cabochons
Rough cut shapes
Rough cut cabochons of various stones ready for shaping & polishing
Polished cabochons
Polished cabochons of various stones

So many slabs…so little time!