Custom Beaded & Stone Jewelry

I am a bead and lapidary artist working in bead, stone, and metal. I’ve been creating jewelry for many years, and I continue to experiment with new techniques and create my own designs.

Rekindling my childhood love of rocks has opened up so many new possibilities for my art! Check out my Instagram feed below to see some of the things I’ve been working on recently.

Stone rings with opal inlay


For me, jewelry is about creating something from nothing – a pile of beads or a slab of stone – and I love to make something that is totally different and unique from anything you can buy in a store. My designs always incorporate the use of color and often combine my favorite techniques – lapidary and metalworking. Browse my Portfolio to see my latest work and some of my favorite pieces.


After many years of working with beads, clay and metal, I rekindled my childhood love of rocks!


Of course I’ve explored metalsmithing to create unique rings and bezels for cabochons.

Beaded Jewelry

There are so many kinds of beaded jewelry and I think I’ve tried them all: bead embroidery, bead stitching, bead crochet, and off-loom stitching.


From simple to complex, you can create so many different types of braids to adorn your jewelry.

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I teach many of the techniques you’ll see as you browse my website. Contact me for more information or to schedule a class!

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