About Me

I am a bead and lapidary artist working in stone,  metal, & beads

I have been creating jewelry for many years, and I love experimenting with new techniques, combining techniques, and creating my own designs. Everything I make is truly one of a kind.

Picture of Susan Jefferson in her work apron leaning against her lapidary machine.
Opal inlay rings with multiple background colors and sterling silver band
Kambaba jasper artisan stone ring with opal channel inlay
Confetti Agate stone ring with opal channel inlay
Dumortierite stone ring with opal inlay

Life-long Learner

I’m mainly a self-taught artist, although I’ve taken a few classes throughout the years to learn specific skills. Art has always been a passion of mine, and although it’s not my full-time gig (yet!), I think my love of the arts helps me in my main career as a website designer and developer. Design, color, and photography are all important aspects of website development, and I love that I can incorporate some type of design work in each and every day.

I teach classes!

I love sharing my passion for creativity and the tips and techniques I’ve developed with others who are interested in developing their skills. Contact me for more information or to schedule a class.

Hand made

It may take longer, but everything I make is completely hand made. I don’t use pre-made ring cores, bezels, or bails, so every piece is truly one of a kind.

Here one of the steps in making one of my stone rings. The final polish!

So many slabs…so little time!