About Me

I am a bead and lapidary artist working in bead, stone, and metal. I have been creating jewelry for many years, and I love experimenting with new techniques, combining techniques, and creating my own designs.

I’ve recently been working and experimenting with stone. My love for rocks goes back to childhood, and my new-found passion for lapidary allows me to combine shiny rocks with beads and metal. It’s so exciting when I can actually produce a design idea I have in my head!

I’m a lifelong learner

I’m mainly a self-taught artist, although I’ve taken a few classes throughout the years to learn specific skills. Art has always been a passion of mine, and although it’s not my full-time gig (yet!), I think my love of the arts helps me in my main career as a website designer and developer. Design, color, and photography are all important aspects of website development, and I love that I can incorporate some type of design work in each and every day. You can check out my website development work here.
I’ve found that when I find a technique that interests me, I immerse myself in learning everything I can about it through books, video, and sometimes classes. I carried my pasta rolling machine half-way across the country to attend the Bead & Button show so that I could take a polymer clay class from one of the leading polymer clay artists! That led to making my own molds and shapes and combining them into unique jewelry. One technique always leads to another because there is so much to learn!

I teach classes!

I love sharing my passion for creativity and the tips and techniques I’ve developed with others who are interested in developing their skills. Contact me for more information or to schedule a class.

Bead stitching and off-loom stitching (peyote stitch, square stitch, herringbone stitch, and others)

Bead crochet

Basic jewelry making