Unique Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry

It only makes sense that I would explore metalsmithing to set a stone cabochon in sterling silver and make a unique piece of wearable art! Like everything else, metalsmithing with sterling silver takes lots of practice, requires lots of supplies, and most of all requires tons of patience!

Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry

There are no shortcuts in metalsmithing. Mistakes made along the way can’t be corrected in the next step, so focusing on getting each step in the process correct is key.

As you delve into metalsmithing for jewelry making, remember that you will make mistakes! You will melt pieces, you will stick things together that you don’t want stuck, you will cut a piece of sterling silver just a hair too small. I’ve made all these mistakes and more, and it has only made me a better metalsmith. And only by practice and repetition can you master the art of making unique sterling silver artisan jewelry.

My metalsmithing journey started many years ago when I discovered PMC (Precious Metal Clay). PMC is fine silver that is suspended in a binder that looks and works like clay. PMC can be molded into shapes, then dried, sanded, and fired in a kiln. The result is a piece of fine silver jewelry. After experimenting with PMC and learning more about the properties of sterling silver, I decided to make the leap into fabrication of metal with heat and solder.

When I say heat, I mean using a torch! Feeling comfortable with a torch took some time, and learning how sterling silver reacts to heat is so important to successful metalsmithing. Making sterling silver artisan jewelry was my goal, and after many years of practice, I can say that I’ve learned a lot, but I’m still learning more about sterling silver every day!

Beautiful stone intarsia diamond-shaped pendant made of Kyanite Ruby & Fuschite with a border ofGreen Chalcedony and a sterling silver bezel
Kyanite, Ruby & Fuschite with Green Chalcedony & Sterling Silver pendant
Cut and polished crazy lace agate teardrop pendant with a center druzy in a sterling silver bezel
Teardrop Agate pendant with Crystal Druzy Sterling Silver Pendant
Blue moss agate teardrop shaped pendant in sterling silver bezel
Blue Moss Agate Cabochon in Sterling Silver
St. John's Flowering Agate pendant in sterling silver bezel
St. John’s Flowering Jasper pendant with Opal Inlay in Sterling Silver

So many slabs…so little time!