There’s so much to learn in the field of lapidary and after doing lots of research, and watching lots of YouTube videos, I was ready to try it myself. My first cabochon actually turned out pretty well, and since then I’ve been practicing my skills and moving into more complex territory.

I got the idea of making a stone ring, and after that I wanted to make intarsia, and then I wanted to make an intarsia ring! Each idea gets into more complex processes, and lots of trial and error, but I love trying to figure out how to make something that’s in my head!

Take a look at my portfolio to see some of the cool things I’m making!


One of the techniques I stumbled upon in my research was intarsia. Intarsia can be done with wood, metal, and stone, and it was very intriquing to me because of the unlimited possibilities of combining colors and patterns!

It took some research, and again, trial and error, to find the right adhesive and processes for cutting stone so that there are no gaps between the pieces. I’ve made lots of intarsia pieces since, and it was definitely worth the time spent.

Take a look at my portfolio to see some of the cool things I’m making!

Making a cabochon
Marking out cabochon shapes
Rough cut cabochons
Polished cabochons
Making a stone ring
Marking the ring shape
Roughed out rings
Ready for cutting & polishing
Making stone intarsia
Marking out the shapes
Clamping while adhesive dries
Ready for cutting & polishing